Simpler documentation

Management objective

Reduce the time and costs of creating and maintaining your company’s documentation.

Kesteven Management Documentation handles the mechanics of documentation, so managers can focus on their core task: management. The system provides —

Integrated knowledge management

Manage the organization’s operational documentation as a single, integrated body of knowledge.

  • No duplicated content.
  • Single source of truth
Automatic position descriptions
Position descriptions are linked to the accountabilities and responsibilities defined in the policies and procedures. When a procedure is updated, the affected position descriptions are updated automatically.
Page histories and version control
The system tracks the successive versions of each page, recording what changes were made, when and by whom, and when the versions were issued for use.
Procedure hierarchy
Process charts are a method for documenting the organization’s activities as a hierarchy of objectives and processes. They are a standard format for presenting procedural information, making it easy to create and use. Process charts can have point-and-click drill-downs to sub-processes, guidelines, and further information. The process chart can also include information about which positions have accountability for performance and compliance.
Structure and organization charts
A structure chart is a graphic presentation of a hierarchy of pages. Structure charts are particularly intended for hierarchically organized page types such as position descriptions, but they can be created for any page type on the website.
Graphics and documentation maps
You can upload images or maps to any page on the site. You can also add clickable hotspots to any kind of graphic, map, or structure chart, to cross-reference areas of the graphic to other pages in the site.
Notifications and reminders
Notifications help users of the site keep up to date with changes. Notifications for each user are available as a list that can be reviewed at any time. Optionally, a user can also choose to receive all or some of their notifications by email.
Precise access control
Control exactly who may see what, and who has permission to make changes. Controls may be applied by user, or by team, by department, or by role. Create different views of the content, such as a management view, flight crew view and ground crew view.
Comments and discussions
Managers can allow personnel to add on-line comments on their systems and procedures, to encourage feedback, assist implementation, and drive continuous improvement
Multi-language support
Documentation can be maintained in multiple languages: content is displayed in the user’s preferred language if available; or in the default language if not. (Note: the system does not do the translating.)

No training required

Creating and editing content is quick and simple. Kesteven Management Documentation needs no special skills or training to use. The system takes care of the basic tasks like formatting, change tracking, and indexing.

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