About us

We design and document corporate governance systems, and extract value from legacy documentation.

The Kesteven team has been providing specialist management consulting and documentation services since 1989. Our focus areas are:

Our mission is to protect and add value to corporate knowledge.

George Kesteven

George Kesteven is the managing director of the Phrontex organization, and its lead consultant. Since 1989 he has been providing management and documentation services to public and private organisations in Australia and overseas. He designed and managed the development of the Phrontex system.

He undertakes assignments relating to process engineering, corporate governance, and organisational knowledge. The focus of his work is on plain language and clear thinking, supported by high-quality graphic delivery.

George has formal qualifications in linguistics and theory of knowledge. His work, in the early years of his employment, included stints as a graphic artist, computer programmer, and television production manager. During the 1980s he was managing director of a Sydney-based company involved in software development, desktop publishing, and management documentation.

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