Documentation projects

Management objectives

  • Improve information management and delivery
  • Reduce the quantity of documentation; eliminate duplication
  • Meet formal management system requirements

The Kesteven Management Documentation team will manage the development and implementation project, to get your system up and running efficiently and effectively. The implementation project generally entails these actions —

Situation analysis
  • Existing compliance regime
  • Quantity, quality, and status of existing documentation
  • Knowledge map of existing and required content
  • Gap analysis
System establishment
  • System structure
  • Required compliance modules (ISO 9001, ISO 31000, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc)
  • Reporting requirements
  • Corporate style and branding
Content development
  • Existing documentation
  • Overlaps, gaps, duplications
  • Accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Governance and control
Management support
  • Compliance review
  • Process development and improvement
  • Systems consulting
  • Internal audit
  • Change management
Operational support and training
  • User training
  • System roll-out
  • Cultural impact management
Technical support
The Kesteven Management Documentation team provides all IT systems and services to maintain and operate the application platform, and to respond to technical queries and help-desk requests.

Consulting support

The Kesteven Management Documentation team is supported by a specialist management consultancy providing systems and services relating to knowledge management, compliance, and corporate governance. In addition to our aviation-specific systems and services, we can also help with —

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