We help organizations prove that they are meeting their governance and compliance obligations. Our projects are client-specific and generally include one or more of these elements —

Governance maturity assessment

Can the directors and executives be confident that their compliance obligations and liabilities are under control?

We assess and report on the state of the organization’s governance and compliance system. Are the governance objectives well-defined? Are the compliance requirements identified, understood, and under control?

Governance framework and knowledge management design

What should the organization’s governance and knowledge management system look like?

We convert an organization’s fragmented, document-based knowledge management into a single source of truth about how the organization is intended to function: a knowledge system that is integrated, simple, concise, easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to audit.

Extracting value from old documentation

We have thousands of documents, mostly obsolete. No-one knows what’s in them. What can be done?

We extract value from the accumulation of poorly maintained documentation. We replace the moribund documents with a concise and clean knowledge system that adds value to the organization.

Process engineering and original documentation

We create original documentation, working independently or as a support service for internal teams.

Training and mentoring

We run workshops and training sessions to provide the organization with the skills it needs to create, maintain, and improve its governance, compliance, and knowledge management systems.

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