Kesteven Management Documentation

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Documentation without documents.


Replace your manuals and other traditional documentation with a private website presenting your corporate knowledge in short, simple pages, always up-to-date.


Give your people immediate access to the information they need, in the form they need it.


Produce your statutory manuals from your online content with a single-click.

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Simpler compliance and audit.


Manage all your compliance and governance requirements through a single conformance framework, with integrated compliance processes, conformance reporting, and fail-safe issue tracking.


Compliance schedules cover ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 31000, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others.

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Integrated management.


Break down the management silos.


Focus your organization, with all departments working towards common objectives with common procedures and accountabilities.


Resolve the tension between compliance and performance.

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Integrated corporate governance.


Prove that your organization is well-managed.


Show that your objectives, processes, and accountabilities are aligned.


Prove that your directors and senior executives are meeting their statutory responsbilities.

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Knowledge risk management.


Measure the robustness of your organization’s decision-making.


Be confident that your managers and operators have the information they need to work effectively.


Manage the risk of losing key personnel with critical knowledge.

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Living knowledge, not dead documents.


Manage your intellectual capital as an integrated body of live knowledge, not a disconnected collection of aging documents.


Protect and add value to your corporate know-how.


Provide your people with a single source of truth about your organization’s management processes and activities.

Kesteven Management Documentation ®

Less documentation, more management.


Free up your managers from the chore of documentation, with automatic filing, cross-referencing, and control.


Eliminate duplicated content.


Create position descriptions automatically from procedure definitions.

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Kesteven Management Documentation is a corporate knowledge system to help organizations meet their compliance requirements, reduce audit costs, and meet their commercial objectives. The system provides a web application, a content framework, and supporting consultancy services. Kesteven Management Documentation delivers —

Bad documentation kills people

Traditional documentation has always been a management weak point. People make jokes about it. RTFM. When all else fails… But the jokes aren’t funny. Bad documentation kills people. Trying to manage an organization’s body of knowledge in a traditional set of documents calls for skills and resources that organizations just don’t have. Good knowledge gets lost in bad documents.

Kesteven Management Documentation is designed for real-world organizations: complex regulatory requirements, pressing commercial imperatives, busy managers.

Simple to implement

Kesteven Management Documentation is software-as-a-service, provided for a single annual subscription. Implementation requires no IT skills, investment, or training. It is supported by experienced organization and documentation consultants who can help —

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