Energy industry compliance

Management objectives

  • Be confident that the organization is aware of and meeting its statutory and contractual obligations.
  • Ensure tenements, licences, and permits are renewed on time and without panic.

The Kesteven energy industry module is a system for managing compliance-critical information for organizations in the mining, energy, and resource industries. The module provides a framework, methodology, and core content to help ensure effective governance and compliance.

The module provides a simple mechanism for dealing with the nuts and bolts problems of energy industry compliance. It can be used to track —

Compliance tracking

Compliance tracking framework

Compliance items

Things that have compliance obligations, such as —

  • Tenures, licences, permits
  • JVs
  • Major assets, operating plant
Compliance instruments

Things that give rise to compliance obligations, such as —

  • Statutes and regulations
  • Contracts and operating agreements
  • Management standards
Compliance events
Things done — or that will be done — to meet compliance obligations: reports filed, renewals submitted, options exercised, etc.


Management actions

The system provides a simple mechanism for short and long-term tracking — reports, notification alerts, and escalations — of things the organization must remember to do: renewals, options, statutory reports, audit finding follow-ups. It helps ensure that nothing gets missed and nothing falls through the cracks following changes to personnel or job descriptions.

When I started in this role in 2010, what the company needed were policies, procedures, and governance frameworks. We didn’t have them; now we do. Kesteven Management Documentation has given us all that in a single, integrated system. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in 30 years of management.

Murray Bailey, CEO Yancoal Australia 2010 - 2013

Kesteven Managment Documentation provides a base framework for organizational management systems. The Energy Industry module adds functions needed to meet the unique challenges faced by organizations in the energy sector.

This module was developed by the Kesteven Team as result of many years experience consulting to energy and resource organizations in Australia.

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