Continual improvement

Management objective

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Prevent the normalization of deviance

Kesteven Management Documentation provides a simple improvement and change management system, to record and track suggestions, corrective actions, audit findings, and other opportunities for improvement through a single process.

A simpler mechanism for improvement

Traditional document-based management systems are hard to update. Managers become reluctant to make changes for fear of the flow-on effect. Kesteven Management Documentation’s modular, page-based design solves this problem.

The Kesteven Management Documentation improvement process

Simple, high-speed improvement and change management

Dealing with deviance

Your people are expected to carry out their procedures as documented. Any deviation from prescribed practice is unacceptable: but it is also an opportunity for improvement. If operators are inclined to carry out a procedure other than as documented, there are four possibilities —

  1. The operators might have found a better way to carry out the procedure.
  2. There may be a system failure, putting them under unacceptable pressure or requiring them to meet conflicting objectives.
  3. There may be a supervision or training failure, resulting in a failure to understand the significance of correct performance.
  4. There may be a human resources failure, putting the wrong people into the wrong positions.

In all cases, the management task is to understand the cause of the deviance, to learn from it, and to make improvements. Kesteven Management Documentation helps your managers by presenting your management system in a simple, transparent form that is easy to diagnose and re-engineer, and by providing a single feedback and change management mechanism.

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