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We solve the practical problems of governance and compliance.

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Governance framework design

Governance objectives are clear in principle: enterprise risk management, internal control, fraud deterrence. The devil in the detail. A governance framework that works in practice has to do these things—

We create governance frameworks that add value.

Compliance system integration

Organizations have to deal with an increasing number of increasingly complex compliance requirements: health, safety, environment, security, quality, sustainability, social responsibility…

Trying to manage compliance requirements individually doesn’t work well. It’s inefficient, hard to control, and expensive to audit.

An integrated compliance system—

We create compliance systems that add value.

Documentation and knowledge management

In most organizations the policy and procedure documentation is a shambles: too much of it; full of duplications, gaps, and inconsistencies; boring and hard to use. Managers don’t give priority to maintaining it. Employees don’t respect it because it’s not maintained.

Poor documentation is high risk. Corporate documentation is legally discoverable. Senior managers often have only the vaguest idea of what documentation is ‘out there’; but in the event of an incident or investigation, they may find themselves held responsible for the content.

An effective documentation system—

We create documentation that adds value.