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We design and document governance management systems. We help organizations be confident that they are meeting their compliance and governance objectives.

Most organizations have awful documentation. Documentation that is not good enough to maintain and prove compliance with regulatory requirements and the organization’s own governance objectives.

We solve this problem.

These are our services:

Integrated governance frameworks

Integrated governance: knowledge model
Use case:

Your organization must meet multiple, complex compliance requirements.

  • The requirements change often.
  • Your organization is not standing still.
  • Your managers are struggling to stay on top of it all.
  • The directors and officers are not confident that the organization is doing everything it should.

A governance management system that gives your people a single source of truth about how your organization identifies, tracks, and meets its requirements: simple, reliable, easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to audit.

Compliance support

Use case:

Your organization has decided or is legally required to demonstrate compliance with a new standard.

  • We set up, in Phrontex, the elements that need to be in place to establish and audit compliance.
  • We identify and create links to any existing existing management system elements relevant to your compliance. Many compliance standards cover a lot of the same ground, such as clauses relating to training and awareness, monitoring, and reporting. One of the values of Phrontex is the ability to integrate multiple requirements into a common set of procedures.

Note: we are not subject matter experts. Our field is the knowledge and documentation that supports your compliance. For example, a standard might require you to have a policy that includes a statement on a particular topic. We can check that you have a policy with a statement on that topic. We can’t advise on whether an auditor will consider that statement sufficient.

Phrontex implementation

Integrated governance: knowledge model
Use case:

You want to implement Phrontex in your organization

  • System design
  • Initial content development
  • Team training, mentoring, and workshops
  • Desktop review and audit

Documentation mentoring and guidance

Use case:

You have a team redesigning some part of your organization or re-engineering a business process. You need the outcome to be well documented.

  • Option 1: we work as part of the team, to document the team’s output as the project proceeds.
  • Option 2: we provide an initial training session to show the team members how to document create and refine the documentation for their work, and periodically review their output and, if needed, suggest improvements.

Legacy documentation rescue

Phrontex service: getting value from legacy documentation
Use cases:
  • Your documentation has been effectively unmanaged for years or decades. There’s good information in there, but much of it buried under obsolete content.
  • You have competing sets of documentation following a merger or acquisition.
  • First pass: triage the documents into live, has some value, and dead.
  • Set up the Phrontex structure to contain the content of the documents.
  • Put the content into Phrontex, working directly from the source documents and by running workshops and online sessions with the managers and teams involved.
  • Hand over the maintenance of the content to the responsible personnel.

Converting legacy documentation to Phrontex content typically reduces the total page count by over 65 percent. That’s a measure of the duplication and rubbish commonly found in traditional documentation.

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